A directory of the amenities, services and organisations
available to villagers in and around
Arnesby, Shearsby and Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire, UK

This Village Web site is a community web site for residents, potential residents and visitors to provide information about the amenities, organisations, services and events that are available in Arnesby, Shearsby, Bruntingthorpe and surrounding villages.

Villagers may not be aware of the wide range of  goods, services and leisure activities that are available locally. By knowing about and supporting these local enterprises, they can help to ensure that their village community continues to thrive through a strong local economy.

The Village Web site is interactive and welcomes contributions from all visitors. There are sections for buying and selling, making announcements and advertising upcoming events.

Feedback about any of the Companies or organisations mentioned in the directory is also welcome and will be published for the benefit of other visitors to the site.

If you would like to contribute information about other villages to include in the Village Website, write to Village Web. No experience of updating web sites is required, but the ability to communicate via email would be helpful.