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Services: Deliveries

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Milk As well as milk, Kirby & West will deliver a wide range of groceries including: cream, yoghurt, eggs, bread, fresh orange juice, cheese, potatoes, fruit juice, cordials, carbonates, water, tea bags.
Order online or print an order form and leave it for your milkman. (you will need Adobe Reader for this)
Delivery: Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
0116 222 0000 Website»
2 Newton Lane, Wigston or Walcote Rd. South Kilworth
Delivery on Fridays.
0116 288 3353
or 01858 575210 Website»
Newspapers AW & J Mercer
86 Welford Road
Morning newspapers and the Leicester Mercury. 0116 288 3530
Eggs Ken Brice
Brant Hill Farm
Thursday evening deliveries 0116 240 2596
Mobile Library   Fortnightly, Tuesday morning 01858 462699
Barry Green
Wednesday (lunch time)
Bruntingthorpe - Tuesday
01472 824307
Organic vegetables Sue Staines
Bambury Farm, Peatling Magna
0116 2478 907

Boxes are available for home delivery to villagers.

0845 078 6868