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If you live alone, and/or would like to ensure support in an emergency, you could join an emergency telephone service. You could consider one of the following:

  1. Harborough Lifeline: 01858 464499
  2. Lifeline Services:  0116 2869500

There may be an initial start up charge and there will be a monthly charge.
Either of these services will provide you with an emergency button to wear, which, when pressed will go through to a switchboard who will contact your named family or friends. If no-one is at home, they will call a paramedic.

If you do not have transport to leave the village, but you need to do so for any purpose such as shopping, visiting friends, attending appointments, you may wish to use the Lutterworth Community Transport Service.
You will need to register with your name and address. The number is: 01455 555571. You will be charged per mile, but it is cheaper than a taxi!
(NB Not available for hospital appointments, which are arranged via your GP)



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