Arnesby Parish Council

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Don't Miss Out - It Matters!
Advice by Leics & Rutland Association of Parish Councils

On 3rd May 2007 local elections will be taking place to elect councillors to your Parish Council. This is the chance to have your say by voting for the people you want to be councillors to help look after your community or possibly becoming a councillor yourself and help shape it.

The Government is keen for local communities to have a real influence on those things which directly affect them. For this reason Parish Councils are to be given new powers so that they have an even more important role to play in local affairs.

Not only will Parish Councils be given an increased role in delivering local services but they will also be given a stronger voice in representing the community's interests and make sure that local people are listened to.

If you have considered being in a position to be part of deciding how your community is run and developed, now is the time for you to come forward. Providing you are a registered local government elector for the area (or meet certain other requirements) and will be at least 18 years old on election day you can stand for election. There are no other special qualifications needed to be a councillor. You just need to care about your community and be keen enough to make a difference.

If you are interested and want to know more you can contact your local Parish Clerk or your District Council for more details and to check that you are eligible to stand as a councillor. Alternatively, you can contact the Association of Parish Councils on 01509 816400 or email to obtain an information pack.

Whether or not you decide to become a councillor, your vote in the elections is still important. It is your opportunity to help decide who runs your Parish Council.

This year you will be able to vote at your usual polling station, which will be open longer than before (7.00am to 10.00pm), or you can simply request a postal form from your District Council's elections office.

Remember, every vote counts and your vote could tip the balance!

Richard Tobin
Leicestershire and Rutland Association of Parish Councils