Charities and charity.
Elderly people are experiencing financial difficulties because of rising living costs e.g. proposed increase in Council Tax, and reduced return on their investments e.g. lowest interest rates in decades. And the most affected are home owners who have saved for their retirement and are just above the criteria for help from the State.

I know, having been secretary of a Trade Charity for lOyears, there is always reluctance to apply for Charitable Aid, but I have also seen the difference such help makes. I recently attended a presentation at The Town Hall, by R.U.K B.A (The Royal United Kingdom Beneficent Association). They are a charity that helps people over 65 years old and also people over 40 years who are unable to work because of health or disability. They give preferential consideration to people who have helped in the community.

Their financial criteria is:-
CAPITAL up to £12,000 up to £17,000.
INCOME up to £7,000pa   up to £ 12,000pa
The Annuity offered is up to £912pa for single people and £1560 for a couple and is guaranteed
for life subject to continuing need.
They can also offer grants or interest free loans on property of up to £10,000 paid in instalments.
and only repaid on death of beneficiary or sale of property. They also have retirement homes and residential flats.
They are of course also looking for donations and volunteers.
If you would like more details please apply in confidence to :-
East Midlands Area Representative, Mrs Amanda Tookey, Maerwood House, 11, Catmose Park Road, Oakham, Rutland IF15 6HN. Tel/ Fax No 01572 724575.

Maurice Bown
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