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The cold weather has brought an increase in "frosting thefts", according to the AA.
Cars are left unoccupied with their engines running as the owner tries to defrost the windows, giving thieves opportunity to steal the car.

Not only do motorists lose their cars, but in most cases they are NOT INSURED because the key was left in the ignition. The AA advises motorists to use a scraper rather than leaving the engine running, and reminds drivers that it is an offence, punishable with a £30 fine, to leave a car unattended with the engine running on the public highway.


During the last few weeks there have been several dwelling burglaries in other areas of the force in which the specific target for the thieves has been jewellery. Other valuable items such as flat screen TV’s and play stations have been overlooked. As a result of these burglaries Harborough Local Policing Unit would like to offer the following advice to any residents in our Asian communities as well as anyone else who has high value jewellery in their homes.

Harborough Police would urge all our residents to review their jewellery security. Hiding such valuable items amongst clothing in drawers and wardrobes or under mattresses is simply not a secure option. Experienced thieves know all the favourite hiding places. Consideration could be given to purchasing hidden safes or strong boxes, especially for high value items such as wedding jewellery. For particularly high value pieces which you rarely wear you could also consider renting a strong box at your local high street bank. Be creative when deciding where to hide your valuables and try to think of hiding places that are out of the ordinary.

For further crime prevention advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Market Harborough Police station by phoning 0116 222 2222 extension:- 3875, alternatively you can email me on .

On Wednesday 15th October a lady visited Harborough Police Station to inform us of a bogus phone call she had received. The caller claimed to be from the lady's bank and told her that they were carrying out security checks. They went on to ask her for her account details including her PIN numbers.

Harborough Police would urge all our watch members to be cautious when receiving calls claiming to be on behalf of their bank. High street banks that we have spoken to all confirm that they will never phone their clients and ask for account details over the phone.

The danger of this is that by giving out your account details you can leave yourself vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. The fall out of this kind of offence is often very distressing for the victims and can take a long time to sort out.

For further advice you can contact me by phoning 0116 222 2222 extension 3875.

Henry Whatley (7729)
Community Initiatives Co-ordinator
Harborough & Lutterworth

8th August 2008

In the last week we have received several reports from around the district of letters being received notifying householders that they have won some money in a foreign lottery, in most of the recent cases it was the Spanish lottery that was mentioned.


These letters will mostly ask for some form of payment up front in order to release the winnings.


This is a scam in almost every case.


Harborough Police would urge all our members to be wary of any communication that they may receive (by letter, email, text or phone call) that suggests that they may have won some money.


The main thing to remember is that you can't win it if you're not in it! If anything seems too good to be true then it probably isn't true.


Please pass this message on to as many people as you can.


Your help is appreciated.


Should you need any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me by phoning 0116 222 2222 extension:- 3875. Henry Whatley (7729) Community Initiatives Co-ordinator Harborough & Lutterworth Police

July 2008

There are concerns in the area about criminals taking photos of horses to steal to order. Your horse could be advertised in the Horse & Hound or Exchange & Mart! 9It was cars last year!)


August 2008

Peter Dale writes:-


Thanks to all the villagers that visited the Beat Bus.

PC Adam Dewfield stated this was one of the best attended , with nearly 50 people visiting. It seemed that most people found it useful and informative with lots of free 'goodies' ! It certainly gave a higher profile of police presence within the village.



I am pleased to report, the criminals have been located and apprehended.


I understand they are to be suitably admonished and will be required to do a 1000 hours community work within Shearsby.


They will then be placed in the stocks on the village green. A date is to be set for the pillaring and suitable rotten fruit will be supplied to those who wish to administer retribution.


The miscreants are known within the village and will be named and shamed in due course.


LATEST NEWS :- I can now name them as :- PHIL and JILL STANLEY of no fixed abode, Church Lane, Shearsby, who have admitted to this crime. They saw fit to replace the original demolished seat with a shabby excuse of a seat, THEN TAKE IT AWAY AGAIN !


Lesson :- Be aware of local felons within our midst !

July 2008

Peter Dale writes:-

The new Neighbourhood Watch scheme is proving to be, so far, an encouraging success, and has led to much closer ties with our local beat Police Officers Adam Dewfield, Principal Beat Officer and Henry Henderson, Primary Beat Officer.


These two officers are now making a regular presence within the village, both in obvious ways and sometimes not so obvious! Should you see, please make yourself known to them and make them welcome.


Please Note:- a "Beat Bus" will be visitig Shearsby on Tuesday 29th July and on Wednesday 30th July and will be located on the village green. It is likely that one of the above officers will be in attendance, together with an area enforcement officer from Market Harborough.


Please attend and make yourself known ad support this initiative, whether you have any particular issues or not.


If you have problems getting to the green, please let me know and I will arrange to get you there.


PC's Adam Dewfield and / or Henry Henderson are to try and atutend the next Parish Council meeting on Thursday July 31st.They want to record an initiative that they are starting where comunities can record speeding in their villages. This might be of interest to those who find problems with Shearsby being used as a rat run to the Shearsby Bath and Bruntingthorpe Airfield.



11th February 2008

A Village Security Forum was held on February 11th, during which a new two-way system for a more efficient relationship with the police was set up.


The Shearsby Neigbourhood watch has been invigorated, with 5 villagers volunteering to take on some responsibility. They are:-


Joanna Quick - covering Church Lane - Telephone 2799094

Roger Charles - covering Welford Road - Telephone 2478853

Barry Morris - covering Fenny Lane - Telephone 2478087

Peter Dale - covering Mill Lane - Telephone 2799193

Bob Spree - covering village centre - Telephone 2478803


The police officers looking after the village are:-

PC 1837 Adam Dewfield, Principal Beat Officer, Area S14

PC 2199 Henry Henderson, Primary Beat Officer

PCSO     Steve Adams

PCSO     Elaine Morton


If anyone has any security concerns, please contact your nearest village representative.


Anyone who feels particularly vulnerable can obtain advice from PC Henry Whatley (Community Co-ordinator, Crime Prevention) on 2222222 ext. 3875.