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Shearsby Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council (or P.C.C. as it is known) is made up of elected members of the church congregation. Its function is to maintain the church building (called the fabric), welfare and arranging services during the year.

Shearsby P.C.C. consists of 2 church wardens, 1 secretary, 1 treasurer and 9 other general members - 13 in total.

Of the 2 church wardens, David Durran is in his 15th year of office and Margaret Godsmark in her 9th year. They are directly responsible for the maintenance of the church building and church yard, and general running of the P.C.C. They stand for election each year at the Annual General Meeting, which is held during March or April. When elected by the P.C.C. they attend a service caled an Arch Deacon's visitation,usually in May, to be sworn in as wardens. They also then become the Bishop's representatives in the Parish and heads of the P.C.C.

The current treasurer is Dr. Ken Lee, who is standing down at the end of the year. He will be replaced by Dr. David Austin, who has recentlly joined the P.C.C.

The secretary is Sally Timms.

Every 5 years, a quinquennial survey of the church building is undertaken by a qualified architect (the next survey is due in 2008). The church has 5 years to rectify and repair any problems discovered in the survey.

At the January meeting of the P.C.C., fund raising events for the forthcoming year will be decided.

The P.C.C. meets in the Village Hall 4 times a year, including the A.G.M.


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